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Upcoming Events


Build Your Own Burlesque - Heartbreaker Edition 

Click the link below for tickets.


Events 2020

January 5th 2020-  Kinky Slippers presents : Open stage Night @ Empire 

January 10th 2020- The Fsmarts present : Burlesque @Bayside Bowl

January 18th 2020- Vermont Burlesque festival 

February 13th 2020 -Burlesque at Top of the East 

February 14th 2020 - Big Babes Burlesque Valentine's Jubilee

February 21st 2020 - Mystique Productions : Metal Mayhem 

March 6th 2020 - The Maine Tease presents :Salty! - A Naughtycle Burlesque


March 22nd - Kinky Slippers presents : Online Open Stage

March 29th - Kinky Slippers presents :Online Open Stage

April 3rd - Kinky Slippers presents :Burlesque How it’s Made.

May 31st - Kinky Slippers presents: Online Open Stage

June 12th - Rainy Day telethon

September 19th - Build Your Own Burlesque

October 24th -Build Your Own Burlesque

December 19th - Build Your Own Burlesque

December 21st - Celestial Bodies

December 24th - Christmas Eve with Krampus

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